Our People: Michele Clayton

Michele is an Australian lawyer (NSW 55486) and Registered Migration Agent (MARN 0957773). Michele is director and coordinator of professional migration services, news and events at Australian immigration company Australian Visa News which commenced as an online publication in 2009 and now provides professional Australian immigration services, whilst still regularly publishing news and information on Australian immigration topics of interest.

In 2009, Michele also founded the Australian registered migration agency Diverse Immigration Australia (MARN 0957773, MARN 1276842 and MARN 1573497). The Diverse Immigration agency is now owned and operated by Ewan Harper (MARN 1573497), but still shares neighboring offices with Australian Visa News. This close relationship benefits clients of both companies, as Michele, Ewan, and our third agent/lawyer Pablo Ramirez (MARN 1276842) can still all work in close proximity and bring different knowledge and perspectives to cases.

Michele’s services are in very high demand because of her senior experience and because she undertakes a limited number of cases each year; spending much of her time advising other practitioners on their own cases. She brings a happy friendly manner, high level of personal service and effective experience with a “can do” attitude. Michele’s past clients know that she is not afraid to take on difficult cases that other agents have refused to take. However, she is also a realist and will give you an honest opinion if your case has no likely capacity to succeed, or suggestions about any strategies that may improve chances for a good outcome where success is possible but is not a simple matter.

Michele has special interest in Protection Visas, Tribunal review, Partner Visas, Child and Adoption Visas, PIC 4020, Section 501 Character Concern cases, “Schedule 3” affected cases, “No Further Stay” waivers, “Work Rights”, LGBTQI applications (including those requiring a “health waiver”), and other tricky bits and pieces. Michele also consults and advises through Australian Visa News and her law practice Circuit Legal on skilled work, business and other investment visas such as 457, ENS, RSMS, skill select visas, and etc.

Michele is based in Sydney but frequently travels within Australia and around the world, to visit clients and to give talks to local communities on current Australian immigration issues. In the past year year Michele has been all Australian capital cities, regional NSW and Qld, as well as Africa, the Middle East, Japan, China, and Spain. She will be visiting Vietnam in December 2017.

If you wish to consult with Michele, or hope to engage her professional services, please visit the “Contact us” page on this site.

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  1. Dear Michelle

    I have been to Australia 10-15 times never once defaulted on my visa.

    I had applied for a student visa 500 onshore. It was ruled as an invalid application.I have a business back home in Fiji and am capable of paying for my own way at university.

    I am the vice president for the Fiji Rugby Union and want to continue with my studies in Sports administration.

    I need your expertise to get a student visa 500.


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